Financial Institution Insurance

Financial Institution Aviation Insurance

Protecting your aircraft investments and your business—if you are a bank or a lending institution that leases or finances aircraft to others, we have a product to protect your interests.

financial institution aviation insurance Your exposure to Third Party liability is significant even though you do not operate the aircraft you lease or finance.

Global Aerospace provides aviation insurance coverage designed from the ground up to meet the unique needs of financial institutions. Our policies are tailored to match seamlessly with standard approaches to contractual risk transfer and to the way you do business. Our team of experienced underwriters specializes in developing broad but cost-effective policies.

We leverage decades of experience to protect your company and your assets.

We can help you identify and manage your risks:

  • Contingent Liability for leased or financed aircraft
  • Third Party liability for repossessed aircraft
  • Non-owned aircraft liability
  • Liability related to the sale of aircraft
  • Airport Premises liability
  • Lienholder’s/Lessor’s single interest (impairment) physical damage loss (includes coverage for disappearance)
  • Physical damage to repossessed aircraft
  • Physical damage coverage related to contractual errors or accidental omissions

To learn more about insurance for financial institutions, please contact your local Global Aerospace representative.