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Kansas City, Kansas – Aeroinsure US Office

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We work closely with industry producers to provide you with the best aviation insurance products.

U.S. Resources

Global Aerospace develops new safety resources and tools for our clients and the aviation community.

Financial Strength

Global Aerospace underwrites on behalf of some of the strongest names in the industry.


AeroInsure US Office

Through our Aeroinsure US office in Kansas, we serve the insurance needs of the light aircraft market, including kit, experimental, and amateur-built planes.

Accessed through your MyGlobal account, AeroInsure provides the broker community with streamlined, online access to the right insurance solutions for their light aircraft customers.

In the United States,  AeroInsure provides producers with:

  • Simple on-line access to light aircraft insurance
  • Quick online quoting and immediate coverage
  • Secure encryption of online data
  • Competitive premiums
  • Less paperwork…less hassle!

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AeroInsure provides a full quotation for hull and liability as well as personal non-owned aircraft liability policies. Assuming all underwriting requirements are satisfied, a quotation can be further developed into a policy in a matter of minutes.