Hangar Foam Fire Suppression Systems White Paper

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Hangar Foam Fire Suppression Systems: More Harm than Good?

At Global Aerospace, we are advocates for aviation industry stakeholders in many areas related to reducing risk. One issue we believe warrants greater awareness and more discussion is the potential danger and damage that can result from inadvertent activation of foam-based fire suppression systems in aircraft hangars.

This free white paper provides insights and opinions from a number of industry experts. Download and read it to learn:

  • How inadvertent activation creates risk for personnel and property from real-life examples
  • What the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) fire suppression requirements are for hangars
  • How the two primary types of foam system (HEF and AFFF) work
  • Whether loss data supports NFPA 409 requirements
  • Why inadvertent activations are not uncommon
  • Who is responsible for inadvertent foam discharge events
  • What is happening in the industry to address this issue

And more…