Light Aircraft Insurance FAQs

Light Aircraft Insurance FAQs

Get fast answers to your light aircraft insurance questions below. This information is a summary of the insurance afforded. For complete details, please review the policy and endorsements.

Who can get insurance?

Any light aircraft owner / renter/ CFI whose primary business address is located in the United States.

Who do I contact with any questions?

You are applying for this insurance via a licensed producer. An aviation insurance specialist at Global Aerospace Inc will be happy to discuss any questions regarding your policy.

Contact Global Aerospace Inc for more info:

Can I get insurance directly through this system?

Yes, you will be presented with a quote (or quotes) immediately, subject to underwriting. Once you accept one of the quotes, you can immediately purchase the coverage.

Do I have coverage for my handheld avionics and headsets?

Provided you purchased Physical Damage coverage on the insured aircraft, communications headsets and handheld avionics are included, up to a maximum of $1,000 under certain conditions. This is included in, and not in addition to, the aircraft’s Insured Value.

Need light aircraft insurance in Canada?

For any light aircraft owner / renter/ CFI whose primary business address is located in Canada, please contact our Toronto office or your local producer in Canada.

I received a message that my application requires “further review”, what does this mean?

Some applications require further underwriting review for a variety of reasons that are mostly routine. An aviation insurance specialist will contact you shortly to discuss your application and review your options.

Can I use my aircraft for commercial (for profit) operations?

This is not a commercial policy and does not apply while the aircraft is being used for any purpose involving a charge intended to result in financial profit.

Please contact your insurance producer if you need commercial coverage options.