Assessing Risk and Establishing Insurance Needs for Drone Operators

March 15, 2017

Chris Proudlove (SVP, Manager Northeast Regional Office and UAS Risks) was featured in the March 15, 2017 news article, “Assessing Risk and Establishing Insurance Needs for Drone Operators” published by Commercial UAV News

In trying to figure out what topics were going to be of critical importance to commercial drone operators in 2017, insurance and risk kept coming up as major areas of interest. Many drone operators are uncertain about what it means to properly assess risk and establish insurance needs. These kind of shortcomings can lead to serious issues, especially as more professionals take to the sky under Part 107.

To explore this topic from a very high level for a report that focused on what drone operators could look forward to seeing in 2017, I was able to connect with Chris Proudlove, Senior Vice President at Global Aerospace. The company is a leading provider of aircraft insurance and risk management solutions for the aviation and aerospace industries. Chris provided some great insight around how insurance policies deal with issues like privacy, damage and liability, but I wanted to explore these topics and issues even further.

In the interview below, Chris explains some of the common mistakes operators and stakeholders have when they try to assess risk. He also talks about how insurance preferences have changed, how to best prepare for accidents and plenty more. What’s here is just a primer to what should be a much more detailed conversation at the 2017 Commercial UAV Expos Americas though, and anyone who has specific questions or issues that they’d like to see addressed at the event should get in touch.

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