MedAire Joins SM4 Safety Initiative

March 5, 2012

Program provides complimentary resources to enhance aviation safety

Global Aerospace, Inc. announces the formation of a strategic safety partnership with MedAire, Inc. The partnership, an expansion of Global’s successful SM4 program, adds a new dimension to the set of complimentary resources offered as a benefit to the aviation industry.

Dedicated to reducing aviation related mishaps, improving response capability and creating effective recovery systems, Global’s SM4 safety program provides continuously evolving safety management tools that help aviation operators create and maintain positive and predictive safety cultures.

MedAire, an International SOS company, provides integrated medical, security and travel assistance services to passengers and crew of business jets and private aircraft to ensure they receive the best care possible, whether in the air or traveling abroad.

“We look forward to contributing to the SM4 safety program,” said Grant Jeffery, CEO of MedAire. “The objectives of the safety management program strongly align with our goals of improving passenger and crew care through education, equipment, and expertise.”

Credited with establishing the world’s first global emergency response center for the aviation industry, MedAire is dedicated to providing immediate, real-time medical assistance to people in remote locations. MedAire serves more than 2,000 aviation clients worldwide with in-flight medical training, on-board medical equipment, on the ground medical and security assistance, and a 24/7 telemedicine service staffed by emergency room doctors.

Jeffrey Bruno, Chief Underwriting Officer at Global Aerospace commented, “We are excited about MedAire’s participation in our SM4 program. Any true definition of safety must include a focus on the health and security of passengers and crew and MedAire’s leadership in this area is unparalleled.”

MedAire will provide expertise in matters of medical assistance, training, and onboard equipment for SM4 safety initiatives.

About Medaire, Inc.
While in the air, at sea or traveling for business or pleasure, airplane and yacht owners, passengers and crew rely on MedAire’s 24/7 Global Response Centers for remote medical care and security advice and emergency assistance.

Since 1985, aviation and maritime crewmembers have gained confidence and preparedness skills by taking a variety of MedAire’s medical courses, which teach basic and advanced life support skills. Students also learn crew resource management skills, how to contact MedAire’s MedLink service for advice, and to use MedAire’s medical equipment designed for remote environments. MedAire, an International SOS company, is the world’s largest integrated aviation and maritime provider of medical, travel and safety services. For more information, visit