Space Tourism: A New Exposure

June 27, 2017

Simon Abbott (Underwriting Executive) was featured in the 2017 issue of The London Journal published by The Insurance Institute of London

“Space Tourism: A New Exposure”

The planned flight to the moon and back scheduled for 2018 will be the first manned space mission to the moon for some forty-five years. The payload will include two space tourists, who will be the first private individuals to orbit the moon. They will be on board the Dragon 2 spacecraft to be launched on SpaceX’s Falcon rocket.

Space tourism has been around for a while, but the concept is one thing and practice quite another. Virgin Galactic came about in October 2004 when SpaceShipOne delivered the weight of three people to space and back via a privately-funded vehicle. Since then, people from more than fifty nations have signed up with Virgin Galactic, paying US$250,000 to fly into space on SpaceShipTwo (SS2). Despite the long lead-in time, the first commercial passenger flight is still pending – it suffered a setback when SS2 was lost during an October 2014 test flight. Virgin Galactic is hopeful of its first manned flight this year…Read Full Article