On-Demand Drone Insurance

SkyWatch App Offering On-Demand Drone Insurance

Global Aerospace has come together with SkyWatch to deliver on-demand drone insurance in the U.S. starting at $10/hour through the simple, easy-to-use SkyWatch app for recreational and commercial users. The app uses mapping technology and real-time conditions to advise unmanned aerial systems (UAS) users of potential flying risks. SkyWatch users can purchase third-party liability insurance instantly through the simple and intuitive app, with all policies underwritten by Global Aerospace, Inc.

How it Works:

  • Select your flight area and view a real-time price for up to 8 hoursĀ of insurance
  • Register with a credit card – instant approval
  • Purchase an aviation insurance policy built specifically for drones – Up to $10M liability cover
  • View your policy in-app


  • Up to $10 million of liability insurance covering injury to people / property damage
  • $10/hour starting price – no annual commitment
  • Instant approval whether you’re flying for fun or commercially
  • Receive instant proof of insurance in-app and via e-mail

What’s Covered:

  • Up to eight hours coverage in your selected area, under 400 feet
  • Injury to people, property damage
  • Use of any drone under 35lbs (recreational or commercial use)
  • Unintentional invasion of privacy ($10,000 limit)
  • Unintentional flyaways

Hourly Drone Insurance is currently available in the U.S. for iOS and Android devices. Don’t run the risk of being uninsured, see how easy SkyWatch is today!!

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SkyWatch Drone Insurance