“I’m proud to lead a worldwide team of insurance professionals who are passionate about the work we do and deeply committed to policyholder safety and satisfaction. I know I speak for everyone at Global Aerospace in saying we are honored to be entrusted with the financial protection of a long list of outstanding organizations and individuals and to support the evolution of the industries we serve.”

Rachel Barrie, Group Chief Executive, Global Aerospace Underwriting Managers Limited, London, U.K.

Innovative Approach to Aviation Insurance

Our teams are actively involved in every aspect of the aviation and aerospace industries. That includes continually evaluating our offerings using Global’s vast experience with past claims, understanding of legal trends and anticipation of new exposure to evolve policies and ensure they are fit for the future.

Building on a Century of Success

Our position today—at the forefront of the aviation insurance industry—results from more than 100 years of working tirelessly to meet the ever-evolving requirements of aviation stakeholders.

Our History

Aviation Insurance That Rises Above the Rest

What motivates us to provide industry-leading aviation insurance and risk management programs for clients is a passion for empowering the industry to thrive and an unwavering adherence to our core values. We are:

DRIVEN… to provide the best insurance products and service to the aviation industry.

TRUSTED… as a company that acts with integrity and honesty.

COMMITTED… to collaborating as part of a global team and acting with the highest levels of professionalism.

INNOVATIVE… in how we look at the industry’s incredible potential and how we can enable it.

WELCOMING… as an employer that embraces diversity and maintains a supportive culture.

Global leverages innovative ideas, advanced technology and a vigorous synergy among diverse team members to underwrite and process claims for the many risks our clients face. Financial stability from a pool of the world’s foremost capital enables us to offer reliable products that address the simplest yet most pressing concern following an incident: “Are we going to be alright?”

Global Reach

oneGlobal: Our Fundamental Operating Principle

Wherever our clients are, they have seamless access to all our insurance resources and expertise. Our oneGlobal approach also means they benefit from best practices continually developed, refined and shared by our teams worldwide across several product lines. It is a way of supporting clients that sets us apart in our industry.

  • Sharing best practices. Our general aviation clients receive the same major catastrophe response and family assistance that our airline clients receive.
  • Seamless multi-national placement. Simplified risk management with common policy wordings to avoid gaps in coverage.
  • Integrated multi-product line placement. Our clients’ aviation insurance needs are addressed in one transaction.
  • Single point of contact. To ensure consistency, your interactions with us are simplified through our client executives in both claims and underwriting.

Financial Security

An aviation insurance provider’s financial backing is essential to clients. Insurance products from Global Aerospace are backed by a pool of the world’s foremost capital. For our clients, that means they can conduct operations confident we’ll be there for them and ready to make them whole should they need to file a claim.

Experienced, Accessible Leadership Team

There are many reasons aviation stakeholders choose Global Aerospace as their insurance partner. The experience and accessibility of our company’s leaders is chief among them. As a Global client, your organization will benefit from the expertise of some of the industry’s most knowledgeable and respected professionals.

Executive Leadership

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Our Values

Careers: Opportunities With the Industry Leader

Our Culture