4AIR Aviation Sustainability Programs

One stop for all of your general aviation sustainability needs.

4AIR logo 4AIR delivers sustainability programs dedicated to aviation, providing a simplified and verifiable path for the aviation industry to achieve meaningful aircraft emissions counteraction and reduction.

The aviation industry has made extensive commitments to sustainability by 2050, and there has been immense interest in new sustainability efforts. As private aviation, in particular, continues to grow, continued sustainability commitments and efforts will be necessary to meet industry and global climate goals. 4AIR has created a rating system that is designed to enhance comparability between company commitments, educate flyers, and simplify participation in more comprehensive sustainability efforts that go beyond industry goals.

Global Aerospace has partnered with 4AIR to provide our worldwide general aviation clients with access to a range of complimentary and discounted services.


  • Free Carbon Footprint Calculation
  • Free Compliance Assessment: Review flight activity and generate Regulatory Compliance Assessment
  • 50% off 12-month Monitoring for Trip Environmental Regulatory Compliance
    Clients that opt-in to Regulatory Compliance Monitoring service will receive 50% off the first twelve months
  • Waived 2022 Environmental Regulatory Compliance Fees
    If a compliance obligation exists for the client under the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA), the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme, or the United Kingdom Emissions Trading Scheme, 4AIR will assist with compiling all 2022 documentation required by the regulatory program for free. This excludes any third party fees or compliance costs owed to regulators, verifiers, or other entities that are not 4AIR, as result of the client’s flight activity.
  • Up to 5% off 4AIR Standard Offset Portfolio
    If a client selects 4AIR’s standard carbon offset portfolio (Level 1 or 2), they will receive 5% off the current market rate for the 4AIR portfolio, subject to offset project availability.

To learn more, please contact your broker directly.

About 4AIR
4AIR is an industry pioneer offering sustainability solutions beyond just simple carbon neutrality. Its industry-first framework seeks to address climate impacts of all types and provides a simplified and verifiable path for private aviation industry participants to achieve meaningful aircraft emissions counteraction and reduction.

The 4AIR framework offers four levels, each with specific, science-based goals, independently verified results and progressively greater impacts on sustainability that make it easy for private aviation users to pursue sustainability through access to carbon markets, use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel, support for new technologies and other strategies. For more information, visit us at www.4air.aero.