Helping Stakeholders Stay Mission-Focused

General aviation is a term covering a wide range of operations. Our extensive experience enables us to craft customized insurance strategies for virtually any individual or organization. Having the right policies enables them to stay focused on the current mission, whatever it may be.

Protection You Can Rely On

Our general aviation insurance programs are comprehensive, encompassing all aspects of the market, including:

Global’s team of experienced aviation underwriters works with you to identify your risks and customize coverage to include:

  • Hull & Liability Insurance
  • Non-Ownership Liability Insurance
  • War & Allied Perils Insurance
  • Family Assistance Insurance

A Deep Understanding of Aviation

We stay informed about what aviation stakeholders need through direct involvement with the world we insure.

Our pilot employees are no different, providing a perspective we and our clients value. For this reason, we employ a mix of business and aviation professionals, maintaining a time-honored legacy dating back to the earliest years of Global Aerospace.

We support our employee pilots by affording them the ability to maintain currency and add ratings/endorsements in aircraft of their choosing allowing them to stay engaged in the industry in which we work in every day.

Active Involvement in General Aviation Organizations

Global is also an active member of the National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA), including serving on the NBAA Emerging Technology Committee. We also have invested time and effort in making safety resources available to the business aviation industry and the broader aviation community through our SM4 Aviation Safety Program (see below).

Corporate Aviation Insurance

General aviation stakeholders of all kinds rely on Global for their insurance coverage. We have especially deep expertise in business aviation insurance.

We partner with business aviation professionals to understand their risks and address them, enabling those individuals to focus on their operational challenges with the confidence that Global will take prompt, decisive action should an incident occur.

Corporate Aviation Insurance

Light Aircraft Insurance

Having the right aviation insurance is important for light aircraft owners, renters and certified flight instructors. Global serves the insurance needs of the light aircraft market, including kit, experimental and amateur-built planes. In the U.S., our e-commerce site, AeroInsure, provides instant and cost-effective access to the right insurance solutions for light aircraft clients.

Light Aircraft Insurance

Global Aerospace SM4 Aviation Safety Program

Aviation safety is a mindset that organizations must intentionally develop and continually reinforce. They must create a safety culture that drives the efforts of all team members.

To that end, we created (and continually enhance) our SM4 Aviation Safety Program. It is a go-to source of information and resources for understanding and managing risks, improving safety training, developing and refining a safety culture, and more.

SM4 Aviation Safety Program

For details on our general aviation insurance, please contact your local Global Aerospace Underwriter.

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