Environmental Initiatives

Global is a leading industry voice for sustainability, next-generation “green” technologies, and other advances that protect the environment while helping aviation adapt and thrive.

Supporting Sustainability

Social Responsibility

We engage with others within our company and outside it in a fair, ethical, inclusive and respectful way, including through initiatives like our student mentoring program.

Engaging Ethically

Corporate Governance

We are dedicated to our clients, shareholders and pool members and the aerospace industry and committed to high standards of corporate governance, transparency and responsibility in supporting the execution of our business strategies. The Board maintains clear roles and responsibilities and promotes compliance and ethical behavior throughout the organization.

Through these actions, we operate our business in a way Global employees can be proud of and our clients, business partners and other industry stakeholders can trust.

Acting With Integrity

To learn more about our ESG strategy and practices, please contact your local Global Aerospace representative.

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