Insuring Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and Other Emerging Technology

“The future of flight—and underwriting—is very exciting, and we’re happy to be a part of it. At Global, we have a team exclusively focused on emerging tech. Electrification, autonomous flight and space tourism are just some of the advances they are addressing. For example, we are already the market leader in insuring eVTOLs. Our proactive approach to identifying and meeting evolving needs is one of the reasons stakeholders turn to Global.”

—Jeffrey Bruno, President, Global Aerospace, Inc. and Group Chief Underwriting Officer, Morris Plains, N.J. U.S.

Evolving Insurance Solutions for Emerging Technology

Technological innovation has always been essential to aviation. But the industry is evolving more rapidly than ever, developing new technologies that will enable the next generation of safe, sustainable air travel.

Companies are making tremendous progress in an array of areas, including:

  • AAM
  • eVTOL aircraft
  • Electric and other clean fuel sources
  • Autonomous and cockpit-augmenting technologies

Helping Aviation and Aerospace Innovators Achieve Breakthroughs

Obtaining insurance coverage that addresses all of their exposures is an excellent first step for aviation and aerospace innovators. Doing so requires collaborating with an insurance leader like Global Aerospace that has deep expertise working with many leading companies.

Global is at the forefront of insuring the forward-thinking organizations driving innovation. We recognize their critical role in the world economy, as they continue to set new standards for what is possible. Our Emerging Technology team assists and collaborates with clients to ensure their insurance needs are fully met.

“Global remains focused on areas where we can grow and support the future of our industry,” says Group Chief Executive Officer Rachel Barrie. “Our Emerging Technology team enables us to pivot quickly on emerging products to provide effective insurance solutions for our clients.”

The Global Difference

Carefully Constructed Insurance Portfolios

Every company pursuing technological advancements in aviation and aerospace has unique business goals and insurance requirements. We work closely with stakeholders to understand their challenges before developing a detailed insurance strategy to address them.

Our Emerging Technology Insurance Leadership Team

When aviation/aerospace insurance coverage is essential to your operations and the development of new technology, you want to work with the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Our team at Global Aerospace is second to none.

Christopher Proudlove

SVP, Senior Underwriting Manager
Morris Plains, NJ

Nick Methven

SVP, Underwriting Director
Morris Plains, NJ

Martin Cox

Underwriting Director
London, UK

Gareth Howell

Underwriting Director
London, UK

To learn more about insurance for emerging aviation and aerospace technology, please contact your local Global Aerospace Underwriter.

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