SM4 Safety Program

Safety must be the highest priority for every aviation company. Proven methods like safety management systems (SMS) and improved standards like IS-BAO foster the adoption of a uniform set of best safety practices. However, industry professionals know from experience that air safety relies on the personal commitment of every member of the aviation community. Safety is a mindset—a culture that must be intentionally and continually reinforced. That is why Global Aerospace created and supports the SM4 Safety program.

Dedicated to Improving Aviation Safety

With a commitment to safety unsurpassed in the aviation insurance industry, we help our clients understand how to manage risks, improve safety training, strengthen their safety culture and improve their safety systems.

SM4 Safety program

Planning, Prevention, Response and Recovery

The SM4 Safety program integrates the four critical safety processes—Planning, Prevention, Response and Recovery—in an array of web-based resources, a monthly e-newsletter and various safety initiatives. We are dedicated to continuously improving these resources, not only for our clients but also for the entire aviation community.