Environmental Stewardship

Global Aerospace supports sustainability in aviation and advocates for advancements in green and next‐generation technology. We also practice what we promote, continually looking for and implementing measures to minimize our carbon emissions and improve our world’s overall health and wellness.

Carbon Offsetting

As a 4AIR Carbon Offsetting Partner, we invest in carbon offsets to compensate for the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from our corporate air travel and office energy use. 4AIR provides access to carbon credit projects such as forestry, renewable energy and new efficiencies. Offset projects and credits are verified and validated with the most prominent verification standards.

Global’s recent certified offset projects include: Ascend Nylon Efficiency Project (U.S. Efficiency), Renewable Power Generation—Wind Turbines (India Renewables), Massachusetts Tri-City Forest Management (U.S. Forest).

Carbon Offsetting Program

Waste Reduction

We avoid and reduce emissions where possible (energy, paper, water and waste) and consider the ecological impact when choosing materials, suppliers and service providers.

Underwriting Policy

Our environmental underwriting policy supports and advocates for using green technology. We review our clients’ underlying business with particular emphasis on specific industries where additional checks are undertaken and corporate sustainability policies examined.

4AIR Partnership

The aviation industry has made extensive commitments to sustainability by 2050, and there has been immense interest in new sustainability efforts. As private aviation, in particular, continues to grow, continued sustainability commitments and actions will be necessary to meet industry and global climate goals.

Global Aerospace has partnered with 4AIR to provide our worldwide general aviation clients with access to a range of complimentary and discounted services.

Sustainability Partners

“We believe in positively impacting the communities we serve, and environmental initiatives are a cornerstone of our approach. We have selected verified carbon offset projects that support renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects that reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Our clients have invested substantially in sustainability policies, and we are completely aligned with this vision.” ‐ Rachel Barrie, Group Chief Executive