Aviation Advances and Drone Insurance

Global Aerospace was a pioneer in aviation insurance, understanding before most other insurers how important financial protection would be to the nascent industry. Our skill in anticipating and addressing changing risks continues today with our UAS insurance offerings.

Meeting the Needs of Drone Owners and Operators

With the industry still in its infancy relative to other forms of aviation, stakeholders may find it challenging to obtain drone insurance from a reliable provider. At Global, we continually develop new and innovative ways for UAS owners and operators to access insurance efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Our Approach to Drone Liability Insurance

While the fundamental risk profile and insurance requirements for drones are shared with piloted aircraft, there are vital differences in the risks associated with developing and operating this new technology. Our team of underwriters understands these differences and can assist in developing the proper drone insurance coverage for your exposures.

Global Aerospace provides UAS insurance that protects the entire system, including payload and ground equipment. We also offer coverage for invasion of privacy risks. Whether you require personal or commercial drone insurance coverage, we can help you identify and address your needs.

On-Demand Drone Insurance Through SkyWatch

SkyWatch provides a user-friendly app, accessible on both iOS and Android devices, enabling you to instantly acquire third-party liability insurance. Through our partnership with SkyWatch, you benefit from the ideal combination of easy access to drone insurance on an hourly basis, with policies underwritten by Global Aerospace.

On-Demand Drone Insurance

The Foremost Leadership Team in Drone Insurance

Global Aerospace underwriters have extensive expertise in developing insurance products and strategies for the drone industry. When you work with us, you can be confident you are getting the best financial protection available.

Christopher Proudlove

SVP, Senior Underwriting Manager
Morris Plains, NJ

Joyce Gu

Senior Underwriting Assistant
Toronto, Canada

Laurence Greenhalgh

London, UK

To learn more about unmanned aircraft system (drone) insurance, please contact your local Global Aerospace Underwriter.

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