Vista Elite

Vista Elite

In 2009, Global Aerospace aviation insurance identified that industry safety standards were increasing. We wanted to recognize those flight departments who exceeded these standards as we did in 1983 with the VISTA program. Therefore, we developed the VISTA ELITE Program. Starting with ISBAO certification as a component to qualify, the VISTA ELITE Program provided additional rewards in the form of increased policyholder dividends and paid safety training, consulting and other resources provided by the Global Aerospace SM4 Safety Program Partners.

How to qualify for VISTA ELITE

  1. Enroll in a manufacturer approved simulator based training program two times annually;
  2. Achieve IS-BAO certification (International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations);
  3. Maintain a current membership with NBAA;
  4. Operate turbine powered equipment for Part 91 use.

What You Receive

  1. Individual policyholder dividend up to 10.5% of premium
  2. Vista Elite Group policyholder dividend up to 6% of premium
  3. Annual selection from a wide range of safety training products from one of our SM4 partners
  4. Special benefits for operators currently training with FlightSafety or special pricing for new operators

Learn more about how to qualify for VISTA ELITE benefits by contacting your local Global Aerospace representative.