Expert Perspectives: Automation and Aviation Insurance

Global Aerospace Editorial Team, February 4, 2020

Where Does Digital Sit in Your Business Priorities?

“‘Digital’ means something different depending on company size. Our larger member companies embrace and build on digital capabilities constantly, leveraging data and offering value-added services to insurers and clients. Pressures on budgets and spending reduce the ability of smaller entities to embrace and utilise changes in digital technologies. Mid-tier members are often the real innovators, as they have the budget to invest and the size to deploy technology effectively.” – James Livett, Associate Director, London & International Insurance Brokers’ Association

What’s Next for Your Business with Technology?

“All our members have digital somewhere in their priorities. Some are leading the way and others are being more cautious. Many members are collaborating with start-ups to look at new innovations. We have members exploring a wide range of advances including augmented reality, AI, blockchain and analytics. It’s clear that many of our members see new technology as having the potential to be truly transformational.” – Louise Day, Director of Operations, International Underwriting Association

Can Technology Ever Replace People in Your Business? If so, Where?

“I don’t think we’ll ever see technology completely replace humans in the insurance industry, especially in roles that require subjective judgment and experience for claims management and underwriting. I do think there will be a shift in the types of skill sets that will be required in the future. It’s entirely possible that a background in IT instead of one in accounting or law might become the new standard as companies implement automation and AI.” – Jeff Bruno, President and Chief Underwriting Officer, Global Aerospace