From Biplanes to Drones: Global Celebrates 95 Years as an Aviation Insurance Leader

Posted on February 13, 2019

Five years later in the United States, Chubb & Son and The Continental Corporation—two large insurers—joined forces as Associated Aviation Underwriters (AAU) to underwrite airplane insurance.

The two companies grew and evolved through the years, with BAIG becoming BAIC (British Aviation Insurance Company) before later forming part of a new BAIG when a number of companies combined to form a single pool and the largest provider of aviation insurance in Europe. Throughout all the changes, however, their commitment to exclusively serving the insurance needs of the aerospace industry never wavered.

Global Aerospace was formed in 2001 by the merger of BAIG and AAU. From the world’s tentative first steps into commercial aviation following World War I, to the rapid expansion of civil aviation after World War II, to the new era of unmanned aerial vehicles, we’ve been a trusted partner to aviators every step of the way. And when we reach the century mark, we’ll look ahead to another hundred years as an aviation insurance leader.

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