Helicopter Insurance

Helicopter Insurance

Global Aerospace is one of the largest providers of helicopter insurance in the world. We have offered this specialized coverage for as long as there has been a helicopter industry—more than half a century.

helicopter insurance Addressing such unique issues as liability limits and pilot training requirements, the policies we underwrite are designed to protect rotor wing operators of all sizes.

From individual owner operators to large commercial fleets, we address the highly specialized insurance needs of:

  • Municipalities
  • Corporate Flight Departments
  • Air Ambulances
  • Commercial Operations
  • Agriculture Support
  • Logging and Forestry
  • Offshore and Energy Companies

Global Aerospace is an active member of the Helicopter Association International (HAI) and has invested years in making safety resources available to the helicopter industry and the aviation community at large.

To learn more about insurance for helicopter operators, please contact your local Global Aerospace representative.