Global Aerospace Develops Emerging Technology Unit

February 22, 2022

London, United Kingdom – Global Aerospace, a leading provider of aerospace insurance, today announced the formation of a new Emerging Technology Unit. The company is fully supportive of development initiatives throughout the industry and this team will encompass product liability and operational risks to provide for future growth.

The aviation industry is innovating at an accelerated pace, involving the use of sustainable fuel sources and greater levels of automation, as well as the creation of new markets for both passengers and cargo transportation. Global Aerospace is at the forefront of insuring the companies driving these innovations and recognizes their critical role in the global economy. As the aerospace community continues to push the limits of technology, Global’s Emerging Technology team will assist and collaborate with their clients to ensure their insurance needs are fully met.

“Global remains focused on areas where we can grow and support the future of our industry,” said Rachel Barrie, Group Chief Executive Officer. “This new team will enable us to pivot quickly on emerging products to provide effective insurance solutions for our clients.”

The new team will include underwriting and claim colleagues from Global’s worldwide network and will be led by Chris Proudlove, Underwriting Executive located in the U.S. home office in Morris Plains, New Jersey. In addition, Chris will be taking on responsibilities within the product liability department, while maintaining management of Global’s UAS and professional liability lines in the US.