Global Aerospace Welcomes Advanced Aircrew Academy to the SM4 Community of Excellence

January 6, 2021

Parsippany, New Jersey – Global Aerospace, a leading provider of aerospace insurance, is pleased to announce that Advanced Aircrew Academy has joined its SM4 Aviation Safety Program as a partner in The Community of Excellence. The SM4 program offers its elite-level clients individual analyses of their flight operation and provides customized safety services that address their specific needs. Additionally, SM4 provides an online learning management system (LMS) to its general aviation policyholders in the United States (excluding light aircraft and UAS) that includes advanced training courses to support the current and next generation of aviation personnel.

Advanced Aircrew Academy provides a comprehensive, industry-leading approach to business aviation training through its online aviation training system. Initially, Advanced Aircrew Academy will contribute to the SM4 LMS with a training module that focuses on preventing runway excursions. Raising awareness and providing tools and training to mitigate the risk of runway excursions will be a valuable addition to the LMS offering.

Dan Boedigheimer, CEO and founding partner of Advanced Aircrew Academy comments, “We are excited to join the SM4 program and help the industry address the number one incident in business aviation, runway excursions. Continued education and risk mitigation are critical if we are going to reduce the number of runway excursions. To begin, we have developed a course specifically for the Global Aerospace LMS that will include mitigation strategies related to the top three leading causes of runway excursions. We look forward to providing additional training programs for many other accident trends for years to come.”

In early 2021, new courses will be added to the lineup of LMS training solutions which will provide for both personal and professional development to support continuous improvement. These courses will expand on the current topics available and feature new safety concerns such as Fire Safety and Hazmat Training.

Marilena Sharpell, senior vice president, projects and communications at Global Aerospace adds, “Dr. Boedigheimer and his team bring another level of operational excellence to our program and we’re excited to welcome them into the SM4 program. This training course on runway excursions is the first of many operational risk mitigation programs we will be developing in 2021 with Advanced Aircrew Academy.”

The SM4 program, now in its 12th year, continues to focus on providing resources to help the aviation industry achieve higher levels of operational safety. Since 2010, the company has committed over $5.7 million to support SM4 and help its clients pursue higher levels of safety. To learn more about the SM4 LMS please visit the SM4 website or contact your local Global Aerospace underwriter.