Aircraft Breakdown Assistance Program

Global Aerospace Aircraft Breakdown Assistance Program

A mechanical problem with your aircraft while away from home can be an owner’s worst nightmare. It’s a helpless feeling to be stranded in an unfamiliar place and forced to depend on mechanics and advisers you don’t know and trust. Global Aerospace has developed a solution to provide you with peace of mind while away from home—the new Aircraft Breakdown Assistance program fueled by Savvy Aviation is now available to US Global Aerospace policyholders at no additional cost!

A seasoned A&P/IA will help you determine whether your aircraft is safe to fly. If it isn't, they will help you find a trustworthy mechanic nearby and work with them to get you safely back in the air.

Your Savvy technician will:

  • Troubleshoot the problem with your aircraft and arrive at a diagnosis
  • Help you determine whether your aircraft is safe to fly home

If repairs are needed, your technician will:

  • Identify a nearby qualified maintenance provider
  • Contact mechanic and describe recommended repairs
  • Obtain cost estimates
  • With approval, direct mechanic to perform work and provide oversight
  • Review final invoice and maintenance record to approve for payment

The Aircraft Breakdown Assistance program is available at no additional cost to you if your policy through Global Aerospace, Inc. has an inception date on or after January 1, 2018 and has a US address.*

Activate your membership TODAY to ensure you are covered when you need it!

*Applies to most piston-powered, single-engine airplanes weighing less than 12,500 pounds maximum gross takeoff weight that have a standard United States airworthiness certificate and experimental, amateur-built RV-series airplanes built from kits manufactured by Van’s Aircraft. In addition, other aircraft (including experimental, antique, rare or unique) shall be covered on a “best-efforts” basis. For such aircraft, Savvy’s ability to provide services under this Agreement may be limited by the lack of adequate service documentation and/or the difficulty of finding maintenance facilities competent and willing to work on the aircraft. Given these limitations, Savvy will use its best efforts to support such aircraft. Limited time offer.

April 3, 2019:  The Security of Savvy for Seaplanes
The Aircraft Breakdown Assistance program is now available to Global Aerospace, Inc. seaplane insurance policyholders at no additional cost!

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