Global Aerospace aircraft insurance believes that operators who commit the extra effort and resources toward excellence in aviation safety should also benefit financially to the degree that their investment has a positive impact on our overall loss experience. In 1983, we launched the VISTA program, which set qualifying metrics based on operators exceeding the industry standards and our commitment to reward our customers for their investment in safety. This program is still running strong today and has returned in excess of $50 million in policyholder dividends to our customers.

How to Qualify for VISTA

  1. Enroll in a manufacturer approved simulator based training program annually;
  2. Utilize a Flight Operations Manual accepted by Global;
  3. Maintain a current membership with NBAA
  4. Operate turbine powered equipment for Part 91 use.

What You Receive

  1. Individual policyholder dividend up to 10.5% of premium.
  2. VISTA Group policyholder dividend up to 4.9% of premium.

Learn more about how to qualify for VISTA benefits by contacting your local Global Aerospace representative.