The 777X: Boeing’s Latest Innovation

Posted on February 13, 2019

THE COMPANY’S LATEST MODEL, THE 777X, is now in production. It will have many new features like larger windows, a wider cabin, and enhancements that decrease fuel consumption by 12 percent. This includes a longer version of Boeing’s fourth generation composite wing.

With each wing at 108 feet long, the 777X’s total wingspan will be 235 feet—36 feet wider than its predecessor. To ensure the jet can use the same facilities as existing models, the outermost 12 feet of the wings will fold upward after landing. While this type of capability is not new, having been used for decades with carrier-based military aircraft for example, the 777X’s folding wingtips will incorporate the most advanced technology.

The first 777X test plane rolled out of the factory in August 2018 and the first flight is scheduled for 2019.

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