“The Claim Is for What?” Funny-But-True Aviation Insurance Claims

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“The Claim Is for What?” Funny-But-True Aviation Insurance Claims

Flight crews are trained to be ready for anything. “Anything” can run the gamut from mechanical problems to in-flight medical emergencies to extreme weather. As many aviation operations and insurers have learned, that list should include animal encounters.

Posted on February 14, 2023
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Aviation Data Sharing: Crucial to Improved Safety

Several factors play a critical role in aviation’s goal of continuous safety improvement. One of the most important is the sharing of incident data. This practice, which originated in simple…

Posted on January 31, 2023
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A Conversation on Due Diligence

Using a quality management system (QMS) audit process is one of the best ways to determine an original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM’s) level of compliance with applicable regulations and whether it has moved beyond a prescriptive approach to addressing quality and safety.

Posted on December 19, 2022
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Reducing Ramp Accident Risks: Training and Communication Are Essential

In the field of aviation safety, much of the focus is on scenarios where an aircraft is taking off, in flight or landing. Given the high risk of injuries and property damage in those situations, the emphasis on safety is undoubtedly warranted.

Posted on October 19, 2022
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Are You Prepared To Handle In-Flight Medical Emergencies?

Few issues are as alarming to passengers and concerning to crew members as an in-flight medical emergency. With no way to get assistance from first responders while airborne, flight crews must be capable of delivering emergency care until the aircraft can land safely and first responders have arrived.

Posted on August 26, 2022

Foam Fire Suppression System Update

We started writing about foam fire suppression events several years ago when we noticed trends relating to inadvertent foam fire suppression system activations affecting our clients. These false activations caused substantial aircraft damage at the outset. In the aftermath, they fostered highly disrupted hangar and flight operations for many private and charter aircraft operators as well as FBO and MRO businesses.

Posted on August 1, 2022
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Safety Update: The Case for Reconsidering Unpriced Exposures

When people think of aircraft insurance, what typically comes to mind is cover for accidents, hard landings and the like. In fact, most “technical” pricing of aircraft insurance uses only operational statistics and basic exposure data points (aircraft values, passenger numbers, etc.) to determine equitable premiums.

Posted on January 28, 2022
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What Would You Do Following a Cyber Attack?

It’s a busy Wednesday afternoon when the IT manager walks into the CEO’s office with an ashen face. “We think we may have been compromised,” they state. It takes you a few moments to understand what they’re saying. It’s only the look on their face that makes you realise how serious this is.

Posted on September 22, 2021
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Partnering to Protect You: Special Programs for U.S. Policyholders

From participation in safety programs to encouraging interest in aviation and educating the next generation of industry professionals, the sharing of knowledge is essential to everyone involved in aviation. For that reason, Global Aerospace has developed or supports several programs designed to advance the industry and also make it easier to obtain aviation insurance.

Posted on August 25, 2021
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UAS Regulation Changes: Progress at a Gradual Pace

2021 has seen two of the biggest advancements in drone regulations in the US since June 2016, when 14 CFR Part 107 was introduced. While the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued numerous waivers for flights that go beyond the scope of Part 107, as it is colloquially referred to, there have been no widespread changes to the rules for almost 5 years, despite pressure from those seeking to maximize the opportunity of drone technology.

Posted on July 20, 2021