Partnering to Protect You: Special Programs for U.S. Policyholders

Global Aerospace Editorial Team, August 25, 2021
Aviation Safety, Insurance Products, UAS / UAV Insurance

Aviation insurance, and the financial protection it affords, are vital to every aircraft owner and operator. However, there is more to protecting your aircraft than having proper insurance coverage.

From participation in safety programs to encouraging interest in aviation and educating the next generation of industry professionals, the sharing of knowledge is essential to everyone involved in aviation. For that reason, Global Aerospace has developed or supports several programs designed to advance the industry and also make it easier to obtain aviation insurance.

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SM4 Safety Program

Safe operations must be the top priority for every aviation business. Safety Management Systems (SMS) are the cornerstone of safety initiatives, but the individual and collective industry focus on and dedication to safety principles are essential to meeting the objectives of an SMS. Safety practices and habits are helpful, but the development of a safety culture is key.

The SM4 Safety Program provides our U.S. and Canadian customers with training and insights focused on risk management, safety system improvement, safety training and safety culture. This information addresses what our extensive industry experience has shown to be the four most important areas of aviation safety:

  • Planning
  • Prevention
  • Response
  • Recovery

A variety of materials are available to the public through the SM4 Safety Program, including a large library of complimentary, web-based resources, a topical monthly e-newsletter with thought leadership from our safety partners, and a host of initiatives targeting critical aviation issues.

Airport Safety Advocacy Program (ASAP)

The effective operation of airports is, of course, essential to ensuring that the U.S. aviation system functions in a way that minimizes risk to all aviation stakeholders—aircraft owners and operators, flight crews, ground crews, passengers and others. The Global Aerospace Airport Safety Advocacy Program (ASAP) provides airports with affordably priced, comprehensive insurance coverage.

In addition, ASAP leverages the resources of the SM4 Safety Program, making them available to program participants. Using these resources, airports can achieve significant immediate and ongoing improvements to their operations.

ASAP provides financial support directly to the contracted state airport association for member airports that are Global Aerospace customers, while extending safety tools and membership reimbursement opportunities to members.


When an aviation operator puts time and effort into safety initiatives, it benefits the entire industry by lowering overall losses. Consequently, Global Aerospace gladly rewards those efforts.

Founded in 1983, our Vista program in the U.S. uses specific metrics to assess the degree to which an operator is exceeding industry safety standards. We then say our thanks to the organization financially through dividends. To date, the program has returned more than $50 million in policyholder dividends to Global Aerospace customers, and it continues to incentivize operators to strive for safety excellence.

Vista Elite

Based on the success of the Vista program, we founded the Vista Elite program in 2009 to recognize U.S. flight departments that continue to exceed always-increasing safety standards. Like Vista, Vista Elite provides increased policyholder dividends.

The program also entitles participants to paid safety training, consulting and other valuable resources from our SM4 Safety Program partners. Program participants must meet our standards, including achieving ISBAO certification or meeting BASC requirements, maintaining an NBAA membership and others, but the benefits to the organization and the aviation industry are well worth the effort.

Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Support

The aviation industry has benefited from the contributions of those who are interested in experimental aircraft. In 2002, Global Aerospace partnered with the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) to develop an affinity program that supports our industry. As part of that partnership, we offer expanded aviation insurance benefits to EAA member operators who are insured by Global Aerospace. This includes benefits like coverage for headsets and hand-held electronics, the extension of personal non-owned coverage to experimental aircraft and light sport aircraft (LSA) and many more.

In addition, we recognize the importance of introducing young people to aviation and support EAA youth programs. This includes Young Eagles—a program that gives youths ages 8-17 the chance to take a flight, free of charge, in a general aviation airplane.

Global has most recently sponsored the EAA “Project 21” Initiative and the first expansion of the EAA Aviation Center in what will bring year-round aviation education and training to current and future aviators. Global Aerospace is proud to have contributed over $2 million to EAA and the EAA Youth Programs since 2002.

Global Aerospace eCerts Program

Secure online access to certificates of insurance is important to U.S. customers and producers. As an organization that embraces the advantages of new technology, we are the only company in our industry that enables policyholders to obtain and safely store certificates of insurance online 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world. This includes a long list of certificates, including DD2400, Private Mex, Commercial Mex, EU and many more.

We also launched a similar eCerts Canada portal in 2018 to assist Canadian brokers and their clients. Territorial boundaries or timing issues no longer prevent Global Aerospace Canada, or the broker community, from providing immediate service to their clients.

On-Demand Drone Insurance

Working with Thimble and its Verifly app, Global Aerospace can deliver on-demand drone insurance in the U.S. With policies starting at $10/hour and accessible through the simple, easy-to-use Verifly app for recreational and commercial users, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) users can purchase third-party liability insurance underwritten by Global Aerospace. In addition, the app has mapping technology and real-time flight condition information to make users aware of flying risks.

Users of drones under 35 pounds can be covered for periods of one, four or eight hours in a selected area for flights under 400 feet. Coverage includes injuries, property damage, unintentional invasion of privacy and more.

Learn More About Special Programs From Global Aerospace

The programs and resources we offer are valuable additions to aviation insurance coverage. They are also a demonstration of our commitment to aviation safety and the ongoing improvement of operations in our industry. We are happy to answer your questions about these programs or our insurance offerings.

Please contact Global Aerospace at your convenience.